Post-Conference Workshops Friday 16 October

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Workshop A: Step-by-step approach to implementing your fan engagement strategy

This session is designed for those responsible for engaging your fans, pre, during and post your event. You might work in marketing, customer or member engagement or have an operational role, it doesn’t matter – your fans experience does.

During this in-depth session you will build on your existing knowledge of fan engagement by analysing some of the clubs and businesses leading the way, examining new technologies and the opportunities they present and getting to grips with changing fan expectations.

If you want to rethink your approach to fan experience, this session is not to be missed.

Key takeaways:

  • Assessing where your organisation is at when it comes to a fan engagement strategy
  • How to collect, interpret and keep track of data effectively
  • The role of fan community consultation – when and how
  • How to develop an implementation plan tailored to your fan’s needs
  • Exploring case studies from other clubs and assessing what would work for you
  • How future technology can affect & complement your strategies

Facilitator to be announced

Workshop B: Designing your digital transformation plan - creating a roadmap to get a head start

Digital transformation is hard. Getting it wrong can be costly. However getting it right can be transformative for your business.

Fan engagement technology is exploding, with almost all of it integrating the physical and digital experiences. In order to make the most of the latest innovative tech that your fans expect your organisation needs to be tech ready. This session isn’t for tech leaders through, it’s for anyone in an organisation who will be involved in any fan experience technology projects who need to be up to speed.

Key takeaways:

  • Assessing if you have the right skills in house and how to harness them
  • Examining where to start your transformation and how to get the ball rolling
  • Building willingness and momentum to gain buy-in from the boardroom
  • How to get what you need with what you have – a guide to dealing with legacy systems
  • Cutting through the hype to assess which tech you should be investing in; AI, Blockchain, AR/VR?
  • Understanding how to partner with start-ups to create your next big win with fans

Facilitator to be announced


If you’d like to become a workshop facilitator on this subject, please contact: Milad Etemadi +61 (0)2 8011 1078 or